Individual Sessions

Individual sessions usually take place on a weekly basis and last an hour. My style is conversational and interactive. I am interested in learning about your past and present struggles, while keeping track of what matters to you. I am focused on helping you live your life in the best way possible, and on helping your body heal.


Group Workshops

Writing to Heal

I periodically offer "Writing to Heal" classes in San Francisco. This is a chance to connect with others, while using writing as a healing tool. I guide you through reflections and writing. No writing experience is necessary.Please contact me directly for further information.

Reclaim Your Life! – For Women With Autoimmune Disorders

This two-hour workshop is designed to show how mind-body medicine can ease symptoms and improve quality of life. “Reclaim Your Life!” is available to specific groups by request only.

Blog Posts

"The Empowered Patient"

Years ago, soon after finishing medical school, I developed a persistent ache in my upper abdomen. I worried that I had developed a stomach ulcer and sought the help of a gastroenterologist. He took my family medical history, and I dutifully reported…..

“But you look so good!”

If you type in these words into any search engine, you will find that this frequent exclamation makes people with chronic illness positively simmer! It all starts with the word “But”.