Dr. Caplin is an amazing resource for anyone with a medical condition or illness. Her expertise in mind-body medicine, combining degrees in both medicine and counseling psychology, is rare and valuable. She helps patients harness their own healing capacities. I feel very good about referring to Abby and would send my own family members to her.

- J.P., Psychotherapist, San Francisco
Abby offers patients with complicated medical problems a set of new tools to help cope with their health issues. In almost every instance, I have watched their attitude change during their work with Abby to the point where they become proactive about their care.

- D.M., Physician, San Francisco
Dr. Abby Caplin is a sensitive, caring person who is a valuable resource to anyone dealing with a chronic illness or pain.

- M.R., Psychotherapist, Mill Valley
When a person is facing both physical and emotional debility or illness, Abby's perspective is invaluable.

- E.N., Psychotherapist, San Francisco
While there are many studies indicating a strong link between stress and physical illness, there is a remarkable lack of therapeutic intervention in this area. Dr. Caplin is a true pioneer in this emerging field.

- S.H., Physician, Petaluma

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